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Polysafe Unbreakable Drinkware

The beauty and elegance of glassware and the safety of Polysafe.
Polysafe is the leading polycarbonate drinkware brand in Australia and is sold in over 20 countries worldwide.

Unbreakable quality

Unbreakable quality

Polysafe is the highest quality unbreakable polycarbonate.

Safe drinking

Safe drinking

Drinking with Polysafe feels just like glass, but without the risk of breakages.



Polysafe is fully guaranteed against cracking and crazing.

Our unbreakable drinkware

Browse the Polysafe unbreakable drinkware range below

Polycarbonate Pure Jasper Highball 425mL
Pure Jasper Highball 425mL
Polycarbonate Pure Jasper Tumbler 270mL
Pure Jasper Tumbler 270mL
Polycarbonate Pure Vino Blanco 250mL
Pure Vino Blanco 250mL
Polycarbonate Pure Flute 170mL
Pure Bellini Flute 170mL
Polycarbonate Conical Pint 570mL
Conical Pint 570mL
Polycarbonate Conical Schooner 425mL
Conical Schooner 425mL
Polycarbonate Conical Middi 285mL
Conical Middi 285mL
Polycarbonate Conical Schooner Headmaster 425mL
Conical Schooner Headmaster 425mL
Polycarbonate Ale Haus Beer 500mL
Ale Haus Beer 500mL
Polycarbonate Ale Haus Beer 425mL
Ale Haus Beer 425mL
Polycarbonate Ale Haus Beer 310mL
Ale Haus Beer 310mL
Polycarbonate Stein 1120mL
Stein 1120mL
Polycarbonate Stein 540mL
Stein 540mL
Polycarbonate Nonic Pint 540mL
Nonic Pint 540mL
Polycarbonate Vino Rosso 400mL
Vino Rosso 400mL
Polycarbonate Vino Blanco 250mL
Vino Blanco 250mL
Polycarbonate Vino Taster 200mL
Vino Taster 200mL
Polycarbonate Vino Stemless 400mL
Vino Stemless 400mL
Polycarbonate Flute 170mL
Bellini Flute 170mL
Polycarbonate Bellini Champagne 200mL
Bellini Champagne 200mL
Polycarbonate Bellini Sparkling 180mL
Bellini Sparkling 180mL
Hurricane 400mL
Polycarbonate Margarita 340mL
Margarita 340mL
Polycarbonate Martini 200mL
Martini 200mL
Polycarbonate Colins Pint 570mL
Colins Pint 570mL
Polycarbonate Colins Highball 425mL
Colins Highball 425mL
Polycarbonate Colins Highball 425mL Smoke
Colins Highball 425mL Smoke
Polycarbonate Colins Highball 355mL
Colins Highball 355mL
Polycarbonate Colins Highball 355mL Smoke
Colins Highball 355mL Smoke
Polycarbonate Colins Tumbler 270ml
Colins Tumbler 270mL
Polycarbonate Colins Tumbler 270ml Smoke
Colins Tumbler 270mL Smoke
Polycarbonate Jasper Highball 425mL
Jasper Highball 425mL
Polycarbonate Pure Jasper Highball 425mL Smoke
Jasper Highball 425mL Smoke
Polycarbonate Jasper Highball 355mL
Jasper Highball 355mL
Polycarbonate Jasper Highball 355mL Smoke
Jasper Highball 355mL Smoke
Polycarbonate Jasper Highball 285mL
Jasper Highball 285mL
Polycarbonate Jasper DOF 375mL
Jasper DOF 375mL
Polycarbonate Jasper DOF 375mL Smoke
Jasper DOF 375mL Smoke
Polycarbonate Jasper Tumbler 270mL
Jasper Tumbler 270mL
Polycarbonate Pure Jasper Tumbler 270mL Smoke
Jasper Tumbler 270mL Smoke
Polycarbonate Rocks Schmiddy 350mL
Rocks Schmiddy 350mL
Polycarbonate Rock Highball 300ml
Rock Highball 300mL
Polycarbonate Rock DOF 350ml
Rock DOF 350mL
Polycarbonate Rocks Tumbler 240mL
Rocks Tumbler 240mL
Polycarbonate Rocks Tumbler 240mL Smoke
Rocks Tumbler 240mL Smoke
Polycarbonate Rocks Tumbler 240mL Aqua
Rocks Tumbler 240mL Aqua
Polycarbonate Rocks Tumbler 240mL Blue
Rocks Tumbler 240mL Blue
Polycarbonate Rocks Tumbler 240mL Green
Rocks Tumbler 240mL Green
Polycarbonate Rocks Tumbler 240mL Pink
Rocks Tumbler 240mL Pink
Polycarbonate Rocks Tumbler 240mL Red
Rocks Tumbler 240mL Red
Polycarbonate Rocks Tumbler 240mL Yellow
Rocks Tumbler 240mL Yellow
Polycarbonate Batida Highball 470mL
Batida Highball 470mL
Polycarbonate Batida Highball 320mL
Batida Highball 320mL
Polycarbonate Batida Highball 220mL
Batida Highball 220mL
Polycarbonate Cocktail 400mL
Cocktail 400mL
Polycarbonate Cocktail 200mL
Cocktail 200mL
Polycarbonate Double Shot 60mL
Double Shot 60mL
Polycarbonate Rock Shot 45ml
Rock Shot 45mL
Polycarbonate Shot 30mL
Shot 30mL
Polycarbonate Tall Shot 28ml
Tall Shot 28mL
Polycarbonate Tea / Coffee Glass 250mL
Tea/Coffee 250mL
Polycarbonate Carafe with Lid 1.0lt
Carafe with Lid 1.0lt
Polycarbonate Pilsner 350mL
Pilsner 350mL
Polycarbonate Pilsner 570ml
Pilsner 570mL
Polycarbonate Crystal DOF 350mL
Crystal DOF 350mL
Polycarbonate Crystal Cut Highball 470mL
Crystal Cut Highball 470mL
Polycarbonate Balloon Cocktail 700mL
Balloon Cocktail 700mL
Polycarbonate Bellini Grand 200mL
Bellini Grand 200mL
Bellini Сoupe 225ml
Bellini Сoupe 225ml
Polyclean Manual 5.0lt
Polyclean Manual 5.0lt
Polyclean Automatic 5.0lt
Polyclean Automatic 5.0lt
Polyclean Revive 2.5Kg
Polyclean Revive 5.0lt
Disposable Red Cups 425ml
Disposable Red Cups 425ml
Disposable Black Cups 425ml
Disposable Black Cups 425ml

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New Products

Say hello to the new Sparkling, Balloon & Crystal polycarbs!

NEW Bellini Grand Flute unbreakable polycarbonate PS-57
NEW Balloon Cocktail unbreakable polycarbonate PS-56
NEW crystal unbreakable polycarbonate PS-49

Custom Print

Promote your brand. Promote your business. Branding with longevity.

Custom Colour

Tailor to your interiors with our custom colour options.

Why Polysafe?

Polysafe is simply the best unbreakable drinkware for the busy hospitality industry. Bars, clubs, pubs, hotels, events all love us. Here's why:


Polysafe drinkware is constructed from only the highest food grade polycarbonate materials. Our designs feature heavy bases that are modelled on the real glass equivalent to create the most glass-like plastic drinkware in the world.


Polysafe uses advanced production techniques that strengthen the drinkware’s internal structure. Our drinkware is guaranteed against cracking and injection bubbles. Polysafe is one of the only brands in the world to do this.


Low quality drinkware is mistreated and thrown away once it shows signs of wear. With innovative Revive your Polysafe drinkware can be brought back to life, extending the serviceable lifespan by up to 4 times that of lesser brands. Revive is so strong it is recommended for exclusive use on Polysafe products.

ECO Friendly

Polycarbonate is 100% recyclable and has a carbon footprint almost one tenth the size of the glass equivalent. It uses half as much energy and creates seven times less carbon dioxide during its production, compared to glass.

Why unbreakable drinkware?

There are many benefits for public venues, sports clubs, outdoor areas, canteens, pool-side restaurants, night clubs and personal use.

Polysafe is the world's best unbreakable drinkware. Tough and beautiful. Designed for heavy use in the hospitality industry, it will last forever.
But that's not all, when you buy Polysafe polycarbonate glasses you will also get the most amazing customer support!

  • Zero breakages - Using unbreakable drinkware, the average hospitality business will save 25-40% a year on glass replacements! Polysafe has a guaranteed useful lifespan, as opposed to glass. Our shatterproof glass is cheaper in the long run.
  • Safety - Polycarbonate is completely shatterproof, ensuring a higher level of safety for staff, customers, children and all members of the public. It can be used safely in parks, pools, on beaches, rooftops, boats and any outdoor areas.
  • Superior Thermal Retention - Polycarbonate has superior insulation properties to glass, keeping cold drinks colder and hot drinks hotter for longer.
  • Less wear and tear on floors - No broken glass will be trodden into the carpet of your pub, club or restaurant.
  • Less cleaning - Spend more time on your customers instead of sweeping up broken glass.
  • Positive public relations - By using Polysafe at your venue, you are improving the safety of your surrounding community.
  • Reduced weight - Lower weight drinkware improves your staff's working environment.
  • Premium quality - our premium plastic glasses look and feel exactly like real glass.
  • ECO Friendly - Polycarbonate is 100% recyclable and has a carbon footprint almost one tenth the size of the glass equivalent. It uses half as much energy and creates seven times less carbon dioxide during its production, compared to glass.

Polysafe has the biggest range of shatterproof drinkware and unbreakable barware

All of our unbreakable drinkware is food approved. Polysafe design and manufacture the best quality unbreakable drinkware in the world. Our plastic glasses look, weigh and feel just like ordinary glasses.

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